How to fix a totally Dead Phone Brick MTK Chipset

MTK Chipset

How to fix a totally Dead Phone Brick MTK Chipset

Many of us are searching for the information about how to fix a totally dead phone brick MTK chipset. MTK means Media Tek which is a chip manufacturing company and well-known all over the world. Your phone can get two types of bricks such as soft brick and hard brick. The soft brick can occur when the software problems such as boot loops cause during boot. The hard brick can occur when the device cannot boot anyway. You can unbrick your device by an easy way. In this article, I am going to show the way to unbrick your dead device.

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  • Select Flash Tools Option & Select Scatter Custom Flash Files.

  • Go To Flash File Location & Select Scatter Text File.

  • Flash File Load Complete Then Press Download OR Upgrade Button.

  • Then Flash Complete.

Fix a totally Dead Phone Brick MTK Chipset

You can fix a totally dead phone brick MTK chipset. You need some tools to do it. They are bellow.

  • A computer
  • USB cable.
  • USB cable.
  • Custom ROM of the desired device

Now follow the following method of how to fix a totally dead phone brick MTK chipset.

At first, connect your device to the PC with a USB cable. If you see that there is no sound of connection on your PC then start to press the volume key of your device until hearing any sound. Besides, if your phone does not vibrate, continue the pressing as many time as you can until the device start vibrating.

Then you need to install the MTK VCOM driver manually. You can detect the bricked device with the help of this driver. You will see the device name in the driver if it is connected to your computer.

Now make a folder and extract the ROM file as well as the flash tool. To download the SP flash tool, go to the download option and click the flashtool.exe. After that, enter scatter file. You will see a folder when you find the extracted file of custom ROM. Then you need to open this scatter file. Now open the SP flash tool and load all the ROM files in the flash tool. Keep the preloader.bin on your computer because during installation of the ROM it can break without the preloader.bin.

Now disconnect your device from the computer by removing the removable battery. You should remember that the preloader.bin should not be ticked. Now click on the download option because after that when you connect your device to the computer, the loading will be started.

You will see the yellow line under the loading option. But if there are any wrong during loading, you will see a red line and something new like “PMT error download ROM.” Then you should click the format option. Then the flash tool will load it successfully. If you cannot make it load, go back to the download and then remove your USB connection. Then connect again and it will load successfully. After downloading 100%, it will show you a green line and show your device stable.

When the boot begins, wait for sometimes because it will take some time to complete. After booting your device is become unbrick.

So, we can see that from this article we all know how to fix a totally dead phone brick MTK chipset. It is not a hard process. You can try it when you find your device dead.