SP Flash Tool Update Version All (V5.1728) Download

SP Flash Tool Update Version All 100% Tested Download.In the simple language, SP Tool is for install or else flushes your Android phone. This flash tool is essential most for those people who work with Smartphones, especially the Android Smartphone. SP Flash Tool helps you to install customized firmware on the Android sets. Moreover, its work on especially the MediaTek or MTK based Android devices for flashing, though.

SP Flash Tool

SP Flash Tool Update All Version Download Link

If you ask what the purpose of this tool is, or do I have an alternative option for the SP Flash Tool, then the answers are very easy and straightforward. The first answer of the question is- the SP Flash Tool work for an upgrade, downgrade or flash the custom ROM of Android devices. More elaborately, you can deal with the Flash, Unbrick, hard Reset, etc. with the MTK or Mediatek FlashTool. As well as, you can run memory diagnostics with the SP Flash Tool.

The answer to the second question is- the SP Flash Tool supports MediaTek Chipset phones. And most of the China branded mobile phones is made with MediaTek ic. Furthermore, this is the best available tool for MTK based Android sets.

SP Flash Tool All Version Download Link Below.


All about the SP Flash Tool- Work, Process, Usability and much more.

Now if you go for further process to getting all the usage or facility, you do have needed some preparation to the beginning. There are some procedures to completely flush your Android handset. But at first, we will know about how the SP Flash Tool works.

How SP Flash Tool Works?

  • Flash Stock ROM: The SP Flash Tool also allows you to Android stock ROMs which are scatter based. Moreover, it allows flushing Custom ROM on the Android mobile phones as well. Not only the Stock and Custom ROM, the flash tool also allows you to upgrade or downgrade the present running firmware.
  • Flash recovery: This SP Flush Tool can recover any flash of your phone. Such as the Stock Rom or supported Custom ROM, etc. but at the beginning of the process, you need to load the Scatter file first.

Parameter setting: This tool allows parameter settings too. A user can read and write settings on the Android Smartphone device.

  • Memory test: Another unusual feature of the SP Flash Tool is the memory test. A user can examine or check external memory device RAM and NAND flash even verify them.
  • Format the memory: You can format your phone memory by using update SP flash tool. Sometimes for the virus or malware attack, your phone creates many unwanted problems. These can easily and complexly solve by format phone memory.
  • Format the Smartphone: The SP Flash Tool feature allows you to format any Android device which is running the chipset of MediaTek. To do this, you need to load also a Scatter file first. And then just connect your Smartphone to the computer. After that, press the format button.

Required Tools for Smartphone SP Flash Tool

For flushing you will need this tools listed below:

-A high quality of computer or laptop.
USB data cable.
-Latest USB drive for setup in the computer. If you already install the drive then skip the step.
Download update USB Smartphone SP flash tool.
-Your device, which is a need to flash.
-Tested Official Scatter Firmware of that mobile.

Why You Need to Flash our Phone

You are just known about the usage of SP Flash Tool. But you should be aware why you will need this for your device. Take a look of this listed below facts, if they seem familiar to you, you may need to flash your phone.

  • Your Smartphone suddenly turns off or take restart without giving any notice, you can run the SP Flash tool for flushing the device.
  • If there is a problem of virus or malware then Flushing the mobile will help you better. To detect any virus on your device, use anti-virus software on the phone. Also, virus scanning in the computer is another source of identifying it.
  • If you feel difficulty to install any software.
  • If you are mobile often hand since few days.
  • If its feel you Android mobile become slow rather then previous time, then you need to flash.
  • If you suddenly found that your storage memory is full, but you are aware of sufficient space on it. The Even uninstalling software could not help but increase the problem; then your mobile required a flash.
  • Every handset has a particular IME no. If your phone shows NULL digits or just blank space, then there is something wrong. You can see the IME no of your phone by pressing *#06#. If there is nothing but space or 000000, then flush your Android handset.
  • If you find out the Baseband of the phone is UNKOWN then it will need flushing. To check the Baseband go to the phone Menu>Setting>About Phone.

After restarting, many of MediaTek Chipset phones show the Logo due to installing excessive games and applications. This problem can be solved by using SP Flash tool.

In addition, you may need to flash your Android set because of-

  • White Screen

  • Blank Screen

  • Restart Problem

  • Monkey Virus Problem

  • Sexy Virus Problem

  • Auto Data Open

  • Auto Wi-Fi free

  • Auto Application Download & install

  • Gallery/contacts/ messages or any app don’t open quickly.

  • Difficulty to open any Data of your phone etc.

Procedure of Smartphone Flush by SP Flash Tool

  • Your phone needs to be charged at least 50%, if the battery is low, charge it.
  • On your computer or laptop and start the internet connection.
  • Open your web browser.
  • Now download update Smartphone (SP) flash tool form Spflashtool.in.
  • Also, download USB Cable Driver form Spflashtool.in and setup it on your computer or Laptop.
  • Off the power of your phone and remove the battery.
  • Download and extract the custom ROM of Stock ROM that you need to flash.
  • Now Open the Smartphone Flash Tool.exe
  • When it is going to launch, click the Download button.
  • Now click the scatter loading button in the download tab. You will see the scatter file in the stock ROM folder.
  • Again click the download button.
  • Connect your Android mobile to the computer using USB cable.
  • To identify your press device volume up and down keys. Wait for 2-5 second to get the device to the appliance.
  • Your computer or laptop gets the device.
  • Wait for 2-5 for completing the flash. You will see green ring or bar on the screen when it is done.
  • Disconnect the device after closing the MTK Flash Tool.
  • Press Power Button to on your phone.

The Flash Is Done!

Backup your Personal All Data

After flashing the mobile, your phone storage wills nothing but empty. Because SP flash tool will erase every existing data of your phone memory. So, before flushing the device, store or backup your necessary data in the computer of any other flash memory.

What kind of problem can occur during flash?

Even you are a professional in the mobile flush or work in anything to fix mobile; there is still some possibility of happening any problem. Like,

Flushing is stuck in Bootloop

This issue took place when you forget to wipe the phone data after flashing ROM. That’s why the residue in the ROM from the developers does not allow the device to boot up completely. This is a very common problem for Android devices. Just wiping the system of your Android set can solve the problem.

Such as, you have installed a custom recovery image on your device. Suppose it’s an AmonRA recovery image. Use it for wiping the system to solve the boot loop problem. The recovery mode can vary to the device to device. Each has a different method to enter into the recovery mode. For example, Samsung handsets or tabs will power up by pressing volume up and home buttons. When it came in the recovery button, proceed by following instructions:

#Through the recovery menu, use the volume keys to navigate.

#Press ‘Advance’ and then ‘wipe Dalvik Cache.

#Back to the main menu.

#Now select ‘Wipe Data Factory Reset.

#Return again and select ‘Wipe Cache Partition.

#Go back and choose ‘Reboot System Now.

#All done, your handset will start in the Android OS without any boot loop problem.

Handset doesn’t allow flashing of the ROM

If you see anything like ‘Status 7’ error while using SP Flash Tool during flushing, it means the current SP flash tool is not compatible wit your device. The ROM’s updater-script file checks to see the compatibility with the ROM you are going to installing. This process is called ‘asserts.’ This significant step is just for the safety issue of your phone. By the ‘Asserts’ you never phone able to install any other phone model’s ROM accidently.

That will be annoying if, it still cause with the correct ROM of your device. This is one kind of error of the developer of the ROM in the updater script. It will make people install another custom recovery such as TWRP recovery, without any cause. This problem can avoid by installing TWRP with CWM recovery if you need to restore CWM backups later. No doubt it’s a nothing but trouble. This issue can be fixed by updating the latest CWM Recovery using ROM Manager. But if still, the problem is on then you will edit the updater script yourself to get rid of it. You just need a computer and compressing programs to fix it.

  1. First, copy and extract the ROM zip file to the appliance.
  2. After unzipping the file, browse META-INF/com/google/android’ directory then, ‘update-binary’ and ‘updater-script.’
  3. Now change the name of ‘updater-script’ to ‘updater-script.txt.’
  4. Open it’s with the text file editor. If, is there any problem occurred, go to the control panel to enable file extension to solve this.
  5. After opening the file, find the line that is starting ‘assert’ to the next semi-colon and get rid of it. Normally this the first lines at the top of the text file. Just start to erase the line until the ‘mount’ command appears.
  6. Now save the file and rename it to ‘update-script.’
  7. Once again recompress all the files.
  8. To flash your ROM, use this .zip file.

The device is booting straight into bootloader mode

This problem can be solved by using Stock Android OS. This is the only solution to get rid of this issue. You need to flash the official Android firmware of your mobile. After flashing the stock ROM, your mobile will be rooted. The root access will be revoked, and bootloader will be relocked completely. Moreover, it will restore the lost warranty and the default Android system. Such as the capability, apps, features, etc.

  1. For complete the job, you will need a Windows running computer.
  2. Download Odin from the internet and update it.
  3. Now unzip, install and run the file.
  4. This process is especially for Samsung devices, so your computer must be installed by Smartphone’s drivers. Samsung Kies also fit for the work.
  5. In download mode, reboot your handset by pressing Volume keys.
  6. Now select ‘PDA’ and choose the update file.
  7. Finally, press start and wait for 4 to 6 min while the software is being flashed.

In Conclusion

So, at the end of the discussion, we just say you best of luck for your flushing the device. You are now known almost all about the SP Flash Tool for any kind of MediaTek chipset Android phone flush. All this process and the way of functions are very simple to do. Even you are not professional; you can understand and go for it. Besides, those professionals will perform it more successfully. So, this is the end of our topic, all about SP Flash Tool. For the link and other important features about SP Flash Tool, stay tuned….



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